TDSB to shift bell times at dozens of elementary schools

School bus

There could be a lot of families forced to change up their morning routine in the next school year.

The Toronto District School Board is planning to change the start and end times at 131 elementary schools, about a quarter of all public elementary schools in the city.

At some schools, they'll change by as much as 30 minutes. Some students won't start their day until 9:15.

One parent tells the Globe and Mail, it'll mean the difference between being able to drop her child off in the morning, or having to pay for before-school child care.

The school board says it's about saving money.

The TDSB says staggering start and end times will mean 55 fewer school buses are needed, saving about $2.5 million.

A school board budget last June included a $67.8 million cut over two years. Staff blame a larger-than-expected funding cut by the province.

There's a full list of the changes on the TDSB website.