TDSB wrestles with repair backlog that is "only going to get worse"


It's a problem that isn't going away, and is only going to get worse.

The Toronto District School Board is dealing with a repair backlog, that they can't seem to get in front of.

For that to happen, they'd need more money. Money that isn't likely to show up anytime soon.

New numbers released on Thursday, show the backlog currently sits at $3.5 billion and could grow to as much as $5.2 billion by 2023.

The Chair of the TDSB says the money is needed for things like replacing boilers and putting a new roof on schools that need them.

"It's based on the age of the components in the building. So if you have a 60-year-old building and you've never replaced the boiler, that increases your repair backlog." says Robin Pilkey.

But anything that would put student safety at risk is dealt with right away.

Pilkey says they are hopeful the current payments don't decrease, or they would be "in real trouble."

So why don't schools fundraise for capital projects, like hospitals do?

"We're not permitted under the education act, to fundraise for capital." says Pilkey.

That means, they are relying on the government to keep coming forward with the cash they need.

Something the government has no plans changing.

But when we asked if the education minister had an eye on changing the fundraising rules, he admitted it wasn't something that was on his radar.