Teen not "Lovin' it", forces Hamilton McDonald's to close


If you were thinking it might be a good idea to bodge up a fake doctors note saying you have COVID-19, just to get out of work, think again.

An 18-year-old woman is accused of doing exactly that, and she's now facing criminal charges.

Hamilton Police say it happened at a McDonalds in the city, and the woman presented a note, thinking she might get out of work for the next couple of weeks.

Problem is, the restaurant was immediately shut down for several days, while a cleaning crew came in to disinfect, and the staff sent home for that time period.

Police got involved on March 23rd, when Public Health contacted them about the allegedly fake doctor's note.

We still don't know how many employees were told to self-isolate, or how long, exactly the restaurant was closed, but police say there was a significant financial and sociological impact on employees and the community.

The 18-year-old woman, who wasn't named, is facing charges of Mischief over $5,000, Fraud under $5,000, Make a Forged Document and Use a Forged Document.

She's expected in court on May 18th.