Teen sues Airbnb and others over party shooting


A teenager who was shot at a party at an Airbnb now wants the company and the property owner to pay up.

19-year-old Sean McCann tells CBC News one of his friends saw an ad for a party last April, to be hosted at a mansion in Etobicoke.

They were looking for a good time, having just finished out their college year.

It wasn't long, he says, before things started to get out of hand. He claims people were throwing things, smoking, and trashing the house.

Fights started to break out and he says he started to leave. That's when he heard the gunfire.

He was shot in the back and left with a fractured pelvis. He woke up in hospital.

In his lawsuit, he accuses Airbnb, the property owners and the party organizers of negligence. He accuses the company of failing to investigate, vet and conduct background checks.

He's seeking $5 million in damages.