"The aviation industry has been...decimated." Analyst says air travel will change

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By now we know that airlines are struggling. WestJet announced yesterday it was laying off 3,000 workers. It's CEO called COVID-19 the biggest crisis the industry has ever dealt with.

So you might be wondering, when things get back to normal and we start to travel again, what will this mean for your next trip?

Aviation analyst Phyl Durdey told Moore in the Morning, "The aviation industry has been...decimated."

He says air travel is going to be completely different going forward, from how we interact with the flight crew to the number of available flights.

Before the pandemic, he says there were 110,000 flights world wide each day. Now, there are fewer than half that number.

With fewer passengers, he says many airlines have begun running cargo flights to stay afloat and some passenger flights are nearly empty.

"I've heard from a couple of sources that Air Canada is flying a 787 with 20 people onboard. You can't make money with that," Durdey says.

A Boeing 787 can hold about 300 people.

You may have seen some deals on flights recently. 

"Anything to get passengers in seats," Durdey says. "Passengers are very leery about getting on an airplane."