The end of snow days?

school bus snow day

As a kid, there were few things greater than getting to spend the snowiest days outside, tobogganing and building snowmen with your friends.

But during the pandemic, that's not going to happen — at least for a couple of school districts.

Waterloo Region District School Board says in the event transportation is cancelled because of severe weather, the day will be called a "weather impacted distance learning day". All schools and sites will be closed, but students will be expected to learn online.

According to their website, Trillium Lakelands District School Board is also doing this.

"This year when a bus cancellation occurs in a geographic region of the Board, schools within that region of the board will be closed to students and remote learning will be offered to all online and in school students."

NEWSTALK1010 has reached out to the Toronto District School Board and Toronto Catholic District School Board to see if this is something they're considering.