The Special Investigations Unit is now covered by their own legislation


For the first time in 30 years, the rules surrounding the province's Special Investigations Unit have changed.

Among the chages, the SIU will now take over the invetsigation where an officer fires their gun. In the past, they'd only get involved in the event of serious injury or death.

There's now a timeline, for investigators to wrap up their probes, with a deadline of four months before a result is given. If an investigation passes that mark, updates will be given every 30 days.

There's also been a change in wording around a duty to co-operate, for witness officers. That's now beeen changed to a duty to comply, meaning an officer who refuses to take part could face a penalty of fines, or even jail time.

That doesn't apply for the officers involved in the interaction though, they can still refuse to be interviewed and refuse to submit their notes, as is their right.

One former SIU Director, who spoke with NEWSTALK 1010, as an issue with the wording surrounding the changed, suggesting they might even water down the legislation.

"I'm not sure how these words made it into the new act, but they are not for the benefit of police oversight," says former Director Ian Scott.

He points to modifiers which would give officers an out. Things like "unless it's reasonable, unlawful or impractical."