The Terry Fox Run goes virtual

Terry Fox

For four decades, the Terry Fox Run has been a tradition in this country. Every September, communities gather to walk or run and raise money for cancer research.

This year's event is planned for September 20th but as with most things since COVID-19, there are big changes.

"After 40 years, we are literally turning everything we do on its head," says Martha McClew, Provincial Director for the Terry Fox Foundation.

This year, the event is going virtual. It means you'll be trading in your group run for a trek on the treadmill or maybe a solo walk in your neighbourhood. 

"However you can do it safely, that's our priority," McClew says.

They're also introducing an app with challenges you can do leading up to the event and looking at other ways to use technology.

All the fundraising is being done online this year.

They understand that for many, money is tight, so they're simply asking that Canadians give if they can.

"Terry Fox asked for a dollar from every Canadian," McClew says. "Our expectations are simply that we will continue to support cancer research at whatever we can do."

The event typically raises over $20 million a year. 

While this year may be smaller, McClew says. "We'll come back next year, bigger and better."