"There's not a selfie in the world, that is worth your life."

A rail bridge

"There's not a selfie in the world, that is worth your life."

That advice from Metrolinx, who say there's been an alarming number of people who have been trespassing on railway tracks and bridges this summer.

Whether it's caused by COVID-19 boredom, or by people looking for social media likes, it's dangerous.

In one case, a couple girls were caught laying on the tracks, making a tik tok video. When they were caught, they said they had checked the schedule, and thought there would be no trains coming.

A spokesperson for Metrolinx, says that can't be further from the truth.

"We share the tracks with several different agencies and trains can be rerouted at any moment, without notice," says Matt Llewellyn.

Then there's a bridge over a river in Mississauga, that Metrolinx didn't want to identify, so as not to encourage copy-cat behaviour.

"Trespassing over our rail tracks to get to a rail bridge to jump off, while you may think it would look really cool on social media, it can be really deadly."

He says they have already stopped 100 people and laid 15 charges at that one location, in just the last two months.