Three "criminal tourists" arrested in a series of break-ins

Stolen goods in York Region

Is Canada becoming a hotspot for criminal tourists?

Three people have been arrested and charged in more than two-dozen break-ins around the GTA.

But the thing is, they are all from Chile.

"Our investigators have been able to determine that, they are not residents from York Region or the Toronto area." says Constable Andy Pattenden with York Regional Police.

That means they were allegedly travelling here, with the sole intention of stealing your stuff.

The three men face a total of 60 charges and police aren't sure if they brought the stolen goods back with them, or tried to sell them in pawn shops, bringing the cash home.

Most of the things stolen included high end jewellry and hand bags.

"The best thing we can tell people is to please invest in residential home security surveilance systems. They play a critical role in identifying these theives." says Pattenden.

The men are currently being held by police and could be sent back to Chile.

"We're working closely with the CBSA on exact immigration status and issues, regarding these three people."

Police have recovered a load of stolen good, and are still trying to find the rightful owners. Have a look at the album they put together.

York Regional Police