Three dead, including attacker in London Bridge terror attack

Police in London call several stabbings and a shooting that happened on Friday afternoon near London Bridge 'a terrorist incident.'

Authorities say the suspect was wearing what is believed to be a fake explosive vest and confirm that he was shot dead by officers.

Several people were stabbed and at first it is not yet clear how many were hurt, and how serious their injuries are. Police are now confirming two innocent bystanders are dead and the attacker himself was shot dead by police.

Bystanders shot video of a struggle that unfolded on the bridge between the apparent suspect and police officers.

The man can be seen holding what appears to be a large knife.

Witnesses reported that people on the street chased the suspect down and pinned him to the ground until police arrived.

It was about 2 years ago that terrorists used a van as a weapon to run down people along the London Bridge before taking off on foot to stab people in nearby bars.