Three police cruisers damaged in wild chase in Uxbridge

A Durham region police car.

Police say a man found hiding in a child's playhouse, allegedly holding a knife, was arrested and charged hours after a high-speed chase that saw three cruisers struck.

Durham Region police say the incident happened in Uxbridge, on Tuesday night, after two men were reported to be fighting.

They say one of the men sped away in a pickup truck, and then allegedly reversed into a police cruiser that had been following him, before hitting a second cruiser twice, striking a third police car and speeding away.

Police say nobody was injured in the collisions.

They allege that early Wednesday morning, someone called police to report that the man was on their property, and when officers arrived, he fled through backyards, eventually hiding in a playhouse with a knife in his hands.

They say the 31-year-old from Uxbridge was arrested after a brief struggle and now faces multiple charges including flight from a peace officer and dangerous driving.