Three teachers refuse to work at Thorncliffe Park Public School

A woman wakls into Thorncliffe Park Public School in Toronto on Monday November 30, 2020. . THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

There is currently 26 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at an East York School and that's too many for several teachers who work there.

Three of the 30 teachers at Thorncliffe Park Public School, showed up for work, but refused to attend their classes.

The affected classes are being covered by other staff within the building.

18 of the 44 classes are currently in self-isolation.

Despite the surge in cases, Toronto Public Health have not closed down the school.

They are still investigating to see if the transmission is happening in the school or in the community and being brought back into the school.

It's up to the Ministry of Labour to determine if the workplace is safe or not. If they determine it is, the teachers could be fired.

(more to come)