To visit, or not to visit? That is the question

Doug Ford keeps schools closed during COVID-19 pandemic

 Premier Doug Ford has raised some eyebrows, after admitting that he visited with his daughters at his home on Mother's Day.

The Premier told reporters that he had two of his daughters with him on the weekend, and then admitted to being in a gathering larger than the current provincial health guidelines.

"There was six of us, direct family," Ford told reporters. "None of the husbands, boyfriends came, just themselves."

Ford lives with two of his four daughters, but the others are in a different household.

The rules the way they stand right now, make gatherings of more than five people illegal. And there's been no change to that order at this point.

Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr David Williams didn't criticize the Premier, but did say he would like to see residents interacting with their own family.

However, he did make an exception. It's okay if you're able to practice physical distancing.

Williams admitted that he, himself, had a visit from the grandkids on the weekend, but they were able to maintain that six foot buffer, and didn't even go in the house.