Top medical groups call for strong climate change action in letter

climate change

Canada's medical professionals are calling for strong action on climate change from political parties in the federal election.

A letter signed by 22 medical organizations, including the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Nurses Association, says global warming is already damaging public health.

They say a number of moves to limit greenhouse gas emissions are needed, including a price on carbon, encouraging public transit and reducing emissions from both the fossil fuel and agriculture sectors.

In the letter, they say climate change is already worsening heart and lung diseases, increasing the occurrence of conditions such as Lyme disease, causing trauma from floods and wildfires and creating food insecurity.

The doctors, nurses and medical officers want all parties to outline how they will set limits on carbon emissions to help keep global warming within 1.5 C.

They say such policies will result in immediate health benefits and reduce costs to the health system.

The organizations that signed the letter represent 300,000 health professionals across Canada.