Toronto agency provides support for pet owners amid pandemic

A grey cat can be seen on a bed in this undated image. (Pixabay / Pexels)

Toronto’s animal service agency says it’s now providing assistance to residents struggling to care for their pets due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toronto Animal Services made the announcement earlier this month, saying it will support pet owners from low income households affected by the pandemic. 

“We can assist families buy food and supplies for their pets due to COVID-19,” the agency said on Twitter. “Because of the role we know pets play in our lives, we’re making sure no pets are forgotten or need anything at a time when many of us are struggling.”

Families are asked to fill out and submit an online form or contact the agency directly in order to get assistance. 

The agency also provided advice for struggling pet owners about what to do if they can’t be with their pet due to illness. 

“The best place for a pet is with their owner. However, if you become seriously ill or require hospitalization, the best place for your pet is with a family member or friend,” the agency said. 

It goes on to advise the pet owner to carry out a number of other steps, including filing out an information form with the agency. 

“If you need help or know someone who does, tell them about our program so they can get the relief they need,” the agency said. “We’re thankful for this opportunity to help our community with their needs at a time when many of us are struggling.”

Some of the families we’ve been able to help are people like Patti, who was unable to work when she was sick and quarantined with COVID-19 symptoms. We were able to send her pet food and supplies so her family would not suffer while she recovered.

— TO Animal Services (@TOAnimalService) October 7, 2020