Toronto homeless living in tent cities not being forced out despite 14-day notices


Despite 14-day notices to vacate Toronto's various tent cities, homeless Torontonians will not be forced out of their makeshift homes. 

City spokesperson Brad Ross says it comes after they were given notices two weeks ago. 

"That doesn't mean on the 14th or 15th day that we're coming in," he said. "Our chief objective is to find people shelter." 

The communities include camp structures underneath the Gardiner Expressway and various areas of the downtown core. 

The city has cited public health and safety concerns, such as propane heaters being used and structures being built on sidewalks. 

But with the heavy snowfall, cold temperatures and shelters being at capacity, Ross said the city recognizes the circumstances many of the homeless find themselves in. 

"There's no deadline, no dropdead date," he said. 

As for how much progress has been made in the last two weeks with finding alternate accommodations, Ross said it's difficult to tell because many of the people street teams are working with do not have IDs and require various kinds of supports. 

However, Ross reiterated that there will come a time if people haven't moved on their own, that the city will take action.  

"Ultimately, staff will make a decision at some point to say okay, we've exhausted all of these avenues, if they're not prepared to move out, we will have to relocate their belongings," he said. 

But that date Ross said is still unknown.