Toronto man finishing 46th day of cycling for George Floyd

matthew cuesta

A Toronto man is just finishing up his 46-day bike ride in honour of George Floyd. 

Matthew Cuesta has cycled 46 kilometres or ran 4.6 kilometres every day for the past month and a half. The significance of the number 46 — that's how old George Floyd was when he was killed.

"In the beginning I didn't think it would grow this big," Cuesta says. "Halfway through, it was picking up traction, but to get to this point now where the roads are shut off and we have cameras here and the roads are ours, I never thought in my mind that it would get to this point to be honest with you."

Cuesta is finishing up his final day of riding on the streets of Toronto today, joined by other cyclists including police officers.

"The head of police homicide, he helped me actually shut down the roads and we were just riding out now. He's a cyclist himself, and police just pulled up with some bikes and they're going to be riding in solidarity with us."

Cuesta isn't fundraising. All he hopes for is to create a foundation for uncomfortable conversations around racism. As for police involvement, Cuesta is happy officers are listening.

"I spoke about this when I first started the initiative, it was about bridging the gap," he says. "I also want them to understand the fears of the community."