Toronto mayor calls on province to announce new COVID-19 restrictions today

John Tory

Toronto's mayor is calling on the province to announce any new restrictions that will be implemented as soon as possible.

John Tory, speaking to our sister station CP24 this morning, says the only thing that will combat the spread of the virus is a complete lockdown similar to what we saw in the spring.

"The time that has been taken is a bit of a mystery to me but I just hope that what that time has been used to do is to close down things that are still open," Tory said. "I think we need to go through a period, I hate to say it I'm just being honest about it, we need to go through a period where pretty much everything is closed, as was the case in the spring."

Tory said it's time to "get on with this" and to announce any new restrictions today instead of tomorrow, which is when we are anticipating to see new modelling data from the province.

Tory added that the heavy lifting of a lockdown has been done in terms of shutting down schools. He also reiterated that he's not opposed to a curfew but he wants to know what measures will be the most effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

The province has not indicated what new measures could be, but there is speculation that the provincial health table spent the weekend considering implementing a curfew, closing construction sites, and closing manufacturing plants that don't impact the food or supply chain.