Toronto mayor hopeful ferry service will resume soon

Toronto Islands open for business

Right now, only Toronto Islands residents can get there via ferry, but Toronto Mayor John Tory is hoping that could change within a few weeks.

Tory joined Newstalk1010's The Rush on Monday afternoon, and said it will come down to the federal government lifting restrictions.

"There's some provincial — at least the federal rules that have to be relaxed on this, because right now the ferries are mandated to only operate at half capacity, and that would cause a huge crowding program on the mainland where people line up anyway, and over at the island getting back," Tory said.

But he's optimistic things could change soon.

"I hope it'll be within a matter of a few weeks, I hope it'll be quite soon," Tory said. "We're just trying to sync that up with the provincial orders and sync it up with the federal regulations on ferry capacity, but we're really anxious to get the park open, I don't know if some of the other attractions over there will open."

Tory says the park is a prime location to physically distance yourself, and it would be beneficial to have it open again.

"We should get it open as soon as we can," Tory said. "There's been no conscious delay on the thing, we just have to really have the orders lifted and have the regulations allow us to use the ferry boats in kind of a reasonably physically-distanced manner but not half-capacity because it would just cause too much lineup."