Toronto Mayor pleading with parents to make sure their kids do the right thing


Toronto Mayor John Tory is putting out a call to action for parents of school-aged children.

Tory told NEWSTALK1010's Moore in the Morning that he felt like a big message was lost when he spoke at a news conference yesterday. He says it's crucial for parents to step in and make sure their kids are doing the right thing.

"You've got to help us with your kids — as much as I know having had teenage kids that it's difficult to control their behaviour, because obviously — maybe it isn't in the classroom but it's probably hanging out after school, hanging out at the mall, that is causing these kids to be in the situation where they're contracting and spreading the virus," Tory said.

Tory said he's pleading with parents to talk to their children about going home after school and not congregating with friends.

"It's not showing up in the school, it's showing up in that age group, and it's more likely they're getting it in activities where they're not wearing a mask."

Tory said there are strict rules in school which make it hard for the virus to spread, which is why we've seen relatively low levels of school-based transmission.