Toronto mayor says more needs to be done to curb spending on consultants


A report heading to the City of Toronto's General Government & Licencing Committee meeting next week that details the millions of dollars being spent on outside consultants has drummed up reaction from the city's mayor.

Speaking to NEWSTALK 1010's The Rush this afternoon, Mayor John Tory says these expenses increasing by millions of dollars each year is concerning.

"That number has grown too much and has gone too high, and I hope that the consideration of the report... I hope it'll be accompanied by maybe some kind of a goal we can set to try and contain that budget," Tory said. "You need them sometimes, sometimes you're required to have them by law, you have to have somebody do a study on something."

Tory says it sounds like it's an increase "above and beyond" what people should expect. 

According to City Hall Watcher's Matt Elliott,  consulting expenses at the City nearly doubled from 2018 to 2019 - going from $7.9 million to $13.6 million.

"That's significantly more consultant spending than in any year since 2010," Elliott writes. "The bulk of the increase was in fees paid by internal city divisions, which went from $2.8 million to $8 million."

Tory says the biggest concern is over the growth of the expenditures, and that increase needs to stop.