Toronto mayor would like to see dog parks reopen soon

Dog park

Toronto's mayor would like to see dog parks reopen soon.

John Tory joined Newstalk1010's The Rush on Monday, and answered a question regarding the reopening of some amenities.

"I'm pushing for the dog parks very soon, because I think it's one of those things where we can start with that," Tory said. "It's  a little more difficult with some of the other recreational amenities like the fitness equipment because there's - you know you can leave the virus on the equipment, whereas the dog park, I think if people keep their distance from each other which they've learned from the time when we closed them, you could probably get on with that."

But Tory cautions Torontonians that it's not just up to him to make the decision.

"We coordinate these things with the province because what we don't want to do is confuse people and have us saying dog parks are somehow ok but the province saying it's not ok," he said. "So we're in discussions on all that."

Tory was also asked about the reopening of sports arenas on The Rush.

"The ice rink stuff is a tougher one because it's a contact sport involving you know 12 players on the ice at a time, sitting on the bench close to each other, getting dressed in small dressing rooms, and so if you really believe, until the province says more than five people in a room are ok, if you believe that the reason for that five-person restriction is because otherwise you transmit the virus, then you say it'll be a while, and I think it will be a while even for that kind of sport, let alone the big arenas full of fans watching the Leafs play."