Toronto Police investigating racist graffiti targeting Muslims at Dennis Flynn Park

Hate Mike Yakhni

Toronto Police are investigating racist graffiti spotted on a sign at Dennis Flynn Park this morning.

An Etobicoke man took action after spotting derogatory statements targetting Muslims.

Mike Yakhni tells our sister station CP24 that he was walking his dog when he spotted the hateful messages.

"I was walking my dog this morning, around 7:30, as I always do - I bring her through the park here - and I got close to the sign behind me and I saw the graffiti on the sign, so I got closer," he says. 

"That's when I read the hate message. I called 311. They advised me what to do. I then brought my dog back home, got some tape, came back to try to cover up the message on the board."

Ward 2 city councillor Stephen Holyday, who represents Etobicoke Centre, says it's disappointing to see something like this happen in his community.

"It's very disappointing to see this, obviously in a very busy park, with lots of children and families, but this we know, doesn't reflect in any way the viewpoints of the good people of Etobicoke Centre or the City of Toronto at large. 

Mayor John Tory issued a statement via Twitter condemning the racist graffiti:


Holyday noted this is not the first time they've seen something like this in the city, so they have a suggested protocol people should follow if they witness this type of incident.

"The best thing to do - the very first thing is to call 311 and make sure that it's is reported. The city has access to services to clean this up and it is put to the top of the list, when it's something that is vulgar or offensive-type language."

Holyday says it happens from time to time in parks.

"They have a protocol to notify the police who will come out and document it and make sure that they've got evidence because if there's an opportunity to catch these people that did it and lay some charges, I really hope they do."

Newstalk1010 reached out to Toronto Police, who confirmed they're investigating the incident, but could not confirm at this time, if it was in fact deemed a hate crime.