Toronto Police was using a controversial facial recognition technology

Mark Saunders 4

Up until earlier this month, Toronto Police had been using a controversial online facial recognition technology.

Clearview AI, is the company being used by police agencies around North America, for a fee.

What the company has done, is create a huge file on your, with all of your pictures, and personal information, and storing it in a database.

That way, when someone pays, they can simply access everything you have ever posted, or has been posted about you, on social media.

Tech expert Carmi Levy says it's like a giant encyclopedia.

"That features every body's face, and of everything they have ever shared online and everything that was shared about them."

And he says it's a violation of the term-of-use policies for Facebook and Twitter.

"Downloading photos and then sharing them for a fee with a third party, is well beyond the scope of these terms-of-use statements.

Toronto Police declined an interview with NEWSTALK 1010, but did issue a statement:

"Some members of the Toronto Police Service began using Clearview AI in October 2019 with the intent of informally testing this new and evolving technology.

The Chief directed that its use be halted immediately upon his awareness, and the order to cease using the product was given on February 5, 2020.

We have requested the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the Crown Attorneys Office work with us to review the technology and its appropriateness as an investigative tool for our purposes given that it is also used by other law enforcement agencies in North America.

Until a fulsome review of the product is completed, it will not be used by the Toronto Police Service."