Toronto staff recommends several cycle tracks be permanent; move Adelaide tracks to north side

Bloor street bike lanes

Toronto Transportation Services wants cycle tracks on Adelaide, Richmond, Simcoe and Peter streets to become permanent, while also recommending one of them be relocated from the south side of the street to the north. 

The recommendations will be considered first at a committee meeting on January 17th and then by city council on January 30th.

If approved, the permanent tracks would be: 

-Richmond St. E. from Parliament Street to Yonge
-Richmond St. W from Yonge Street to Bathurst 
-Adelaide St. E. from Parliament Street to Yonge 
-Adelaide St. W. from Yonge Street to Bathurst 
-Simcoe St. from Front Street W. to Queen St. W. 
-Peter Street from King St. W. to Queen St. W.

City staff also wants to move the existing cycle track on Adelaide from the south side to the north side, which is estimated to cost $315,000.

"Moving the cycle track to the north side will eliminate potential conflicts between cyclists and turning trucks and remove the requirement for cyclists to merge with motor vehicle traffic," a city report said. 

The tracks were installed between 2014 and 2016 as pilot projects, with a city report saying volumes have increased while having minimal impact to vehicle travel times. 

The report also cites "93 per cent of people surveyed agree or strongly agree to make the cycle tracks permanent."

Staff also say moving the Adelaide track would result in a "23 per cent increase to the on-street parking inventory on the Adelaide Street corridor by adding 27 parking spaces and higher motor vehicle through capacity along the corridor."