Toronto terminates ACTIVE TO program


For the first time since the May Two-Four weekend, Toronto streets will not be Active TO streets this weekend.

The program, that was put in place following the pandemic lockdown to allow people to get out and walk, run or bike on selected closed roads while socially distancing, has been terminated.  

Ironically the end of the initiative, that included  57 kilometres of closed streets, comes with the GTA expected to enjoy above seasonal, sunny weather right through Sunday.

According to Mayor John Tory, the end of the program comes out of a need for city workers involved in the set up to turn their focus to winter programs.

"Those people are now redeployed in anticipation of the program coming to an end. They are working on some of the winter preparations we have to make to get the city and its roads ready for winter."  

Tory adds for those still looking to get out for some fresh air, will be able to access the regular bike trails across the city.