Toronto wants to remain "Music City"

The pandemic has not been kind to Toronto's live music scene.

Legendary venues like the Orbit Room, have been forced to close their doors permanently.

For those still open, they don't know how much longer they can hold on.

The city is stepping up with some help, offering 48 venues a combined $1.7 million in property tax relief.

Toronto Mayor John Tory says a study shows live music venues contribute significantly to Toronto's economy, to the tune of $850 million dollars, and also provides more than 10,000 jobs.

Further findings of the study:

Findings from the study include:

     • Live music venues in Toronto generate a total economic impact of $850 million annually, while providing the equivalent of 10,500 full-time jobs.

     • Labour income generated by the operations and tourism impacts of Toronto's live music venues totals $514 million each year. 

     • Although the largest concentration of music venues is in the downtown core, live music is found across the city. On average, venues feature live music an average of four days per      week, providing an essential career stepping stone for emerging local artists while also entertaining audiences with a variety of touring acts. Approximately two-thirds of the acts featured at these venues perform original music.

    • Even before COVID-19, Toronto saw an alarming number of venues close their doors, often due to rising rent and redevelopment.