Tory won't consider tax increases, cutbacks


With the Financial Accountability Office's estimate that Ontario's deficit could sink to $41 billion this year, Toronto Mayor John Tory says other levels of government have no choice but to help municipalities.

Tory said Monday that there isn't really a "Plan B" if the provincial and federal governments tell cities that the cupboards are bare.

He's also not entertaining any suggestions of tax increases.

"A notion of, for example, bringing in a 30 or 40 per cent property tax increase to take account of the shortfall that Toronto is experiencing, just to name one city, the one that I'm responsible for, is not on," Tory said.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Torontonians are struggling to keep up with bills as it is. 

Tory also said he wouldn't consider cutbacks to transit, nutrition programs and parks. The way he sees it, the other levels of government have no choice but to help.

"And they will be the beneficiaries of a strong recovery that will be driven by cities," he said.