Trudeau says Canadians can expect "echoes of 2015" from Andrew Scheer

Prime minister Justin Trudeau

OTTAWA - It's not quite 2019 yet, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is sounding more and more like he is ready for next year's election campaign.

Speaking with The Canadian Press, Trudeau suggested that Canadians can expect echoes of the 2015 election from Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives.

The PM says Scheer's Conservatives are stepping up the same divisive and negative politics we saw from Stephen Harper.

Brock Harrison, a spokesman for Scheer, says if anyone is stuck in 2015, it's Trudeau - adding that he wants to re-fight the last election because virtually everything Trudeau and his government have done since then has been a failure.

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre adds that Trudeau often points to Harper to deflect from his faults and because he's feeling nervous about his chief opponent.

The Liberal party put the Harper stamp on Scheer the day he was elected leader of the Conservative party, billing him as a far-right social conservative.