Two children nearly drown in rolled over vehicle in Brock Township

Durham region police car

Two children nearly drowned Sunday night in Brock Township after the vehicle they were in rolled over into swampy water, according to Durham police. 

The incident happened near Hwy 12 and Regional Rd 13, south of Sunderland, at about 9 p.m. 

Police say a Dodge Journey rolled over for unknown reasons and became submerged in a marsh with water about waist-deep.

Drivers passing by stopped to help, and by the time officers arrived, they say it was a chaotic scene. Witnesses tell NEWSTALK 1010 that they were able to help the 40-year-old female driver get out of the submerged vehicle, but her 7-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter were trapped inside. 

Police say the two children were able to breathe from an air bubble inside the vehicle. Officers had to smash the glass to get the children out. 

They were taken to hospital but have since been released. 

The driver has been charged with two counts of dangerous driving and two counts of failing to provide a breath sample. Police say the officers had reason to believe that alcohol may have been a factor, which is why they requested a breath sample, which was refused. 

The driver is not being identified to protect the identities of the children.