'Unbelievable': Sask CrossFit athlete competing to be best in the world

Local CrossFit athlete Brynn Delainey is competing in the semifinals of the Nobull CrossFit Games this weekend.

A competition that started with more than 3000 contestants worldwide now has only 30 remaining.

“It's actually like unbelievable, it's unreal. I can't comprehend that I'm top 30,” she said. “I can’t describe it.”

On Friday she was performing snatch lifts, doing three intervals of 10, and a fourth where she does her maximum repetitions. In total, she will perform six events over four days. A few are:

  • bench press and rowing machine
  • Sit-ups on a machine and handstand walks
  • legless rope climb, farmers carries and box jumps

The event is done virtually, with Delainey performing the exercises at CrossFit 306. Her coaches tape every one of her events which are watched over for proper evaluations.

“Because it's virtual, I don't know their strengths. I don't know what they're like,” said Delainey.

Girls are competing from all over the world with Delainey being one of two representing Canada. She enters the semifinals ranked 28th out of 30. Her coach Jason Kaine has been working with her for four years and is happy to see all the hard work paying off.

“It's super exciting and every year we're seeing her development,” said Kaine. “It's a competition right and anything can happen. So we're trying to set her up for as much success as possible.”

For Delainey the result is not the end all be all, as CrossFit is an activity she loves.

“I'll be doing CrossFit for like as long as I can. I really enjoy it. It's just, a great release, and I find it's kind of my happy place most of the time,” she said.

If Delainey cracks the top in the semifinals she will book a trip to Madison, Wisconsin for the finals running August 3 to 7.