UPDATE: Child under 9-years old dies with COVID-19


In releasing the new numbers of COVID-19 cases, health officials in Ontario say a person under the age of 19 has died from the virus.

However, health officials now say that doesn't appear to be the cause.

Toronto Public Health says a child under the age of 10 died with the disease, but not as a result of it.

Health Minister Christine Elliott couldn't comment on the specific case, but said in some situations pre-existing conditions may be the cause of death rather than COVID-19.

Ontario's chief coroner says that if a reportable disease is found as part of a coroner's investigation into a death, then public health officials are alerted so that others who have come in contact with the person can be notified.

It comes on a day where we saw an increase of new cases, with 216 new infections identified. That's higher than both the seven-day and 14-day averages.

It's also the second time in four days that we've seen more than 200 new cases.

But 78% of those new cases came in Toronto, York, Peel and Windsor. Toronto reported 63 new cases of the virus.

There are more active cases too, with only 174 recoveries. That means there's now 2,127 active cases in the province.

10 new deaths have been reported, bringing the provincial total to 2,619.

The number of hospitalizations was up by 23 to 288, while the number of people in ICU and on ventilators both dropped slightly.