UPDATE: Province may be reconsidering plans for TTC subway upload


The Ford goverment is reportedly reconsidering its plans for a TTC subway upload in exchange for support from city council for the Ontario Line.

According to the Toronto Star, city and provincial officials are negotiating a deal on the future of Toronto transit that would include the Ontario government abandoning its push to take ownership of the existing TTC subway, in exchance for political support.

According to the report, support also translates into more money.

There is just over 3 billion in federal transit funding the City of Toronto has earmarked for it's downtown relief line, and the province would sure love that cash for the $11 billion Ontario Line subway that would run from Ontario Place to the Ontario Science Centre.

Representatives for both the Mayor's office and Queen's Park have not confirmed or denied the story, but both agree negotations over transit continue.

If the Ontario line is approved, it would replace council's approved plan for a relief line.