UPDATE: Ron Taverner rescinds resignation from Toronto Police

On the weekend, we learned that Ron Taverner wouldn't be taking the job as OPP Commissioner right away.

Now, we've learned that he's going back to work for Toronto Police.

Taverner sumbitted his resignation papers on Friday, and they were approved, meanning he no longer worked for the service.

However, in light of what happened on the weekend, the Superintendent will be resuming his duties as Unit Commander at 23, 31 and 12 divisions.

Taverner did not initially qualify for the role, but the Ford government has admitted that it lowered the requirements for the job to attract a wider range of candidates.

Sylvia Jones said in a statement that the government has ``full confidence'' in Taverner, but will respect his wishes until the integrity commissioner has conducted the review.

The sources say that in the interim, Acting OPP Commissioner Brad Blair will be replaced at the helm of the OPP by Gary Couture, who is currently the force's deputy commissioner.

On Friday, Blair asked the courts to order Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dube to investigate Taverner's hiring, after the ombudsman declined his request to carry out the probe.

Blair's lawyer says the ombudsman won't investigate because he believes the matter is out of his jurisdiction since the hiring was ultimately a decision made by cabinet.

(with files from Canadian Press)