UPDATE: Suspicious death now considered murder

The scene of a murder near St.Clair and Oakwood

It's a scene that neighbours will be talking about for weeks.

The body of a woman found in a home near St. Clair and Oakwood, on Monday night, a death that was originally considered suspicious.

By Thursday, homicide detectives had taken over the investigation of Toronto's fifth murder of 2020.

Officers aren't giving many details, but say it appeared the woman had been dead for quite some time.

"Which is why it's taken some time to deem this a homicide," says Constable Jen Sidhu with Toronto Police.

Police have arrested a boy, who has been charged with second degree murder.

The teen was arrested out of province, and it's unclear when he'll be back in Toronto.

Officers haven't released the age of the suspect, or his relationship with the victim in this case.