UPDATED: Buses replacing streetcars along Queen

TTC sign

The TTC is still trying to solve a mystery. What caused the damage to 25 streetcars along the Queen Street route?

Replacement buses are still running along Queen while the TTC tries to figure out what damaged a brake system on the bottom of the streetcars.

It takes about three buses to replace one streetcar.

The TTC's Stuart Green told Moore in the Morning they've inspected the entire track along Queen Street and found nothing. They're now looking at tracks used to bypass Queen.

For now, the 25 damaged cars are out of service for repairs.

Green says it's a simple fix but the challenge will be finding parts. 

"We're now sourcing parts. We've asked Bombardier to assist us in that," Green explains. "As soon as we can get those parts in we'll get those 25 cars back out."

For now, the TTC is telling riders to head down to King Street or take the Line 2 subway if possible.