UPDATED: The mayor says no to cutting the police budget, yes to police reform

Blue sky over Toronto City Hall, winter 2016

Mayor John Tory says he plans to vote against a motion to cut the Toronto Police budget by 10 percent but he'll have his own motion calling for more police reform.

"You just can't take 10 percent off and not decide how you're going to do some of the things that the police officers are doing now," Tory told Moore in the Morning.

The motion to cut the budget comes from councillors Josh Matlow and Kristyn Wong-Tam. It'll be up for debate at the next council meeting beginning June 29th.

Tory said many changes are already in the works including body worn cameras, community policing and the collection of race-based statistics. 

He says he supports other reforms, including putting more of the responsibility for mental health on mental health professionals, though Tory says, "you have to do that in a careful way."

He also says the city should use more mobile crisis intervention teams.

Tory points out that council does not have the final word on the police budget. The police chief has the power to appeal any cuts.

The current police budget is $1.22 billion.