Want to go for a swim at a city pool? You may have to wait in line.

Swimming pool

On another day that's expected to hit 30+ degrees, a dip in the pool probably sounds like a great idea.

Toronto's city pools, splash pads and beaches are open but if you haven't visited yet, you'll find things are different this summer.

There are limits on the number of people in the pools at one time and you can only stay for 45 minutes. You'll also have to provide contact information and answer some COVID-19 screening questions.

Despite the changes, city officials say things have gone pretty well so far.

"The response this weekend was quite overwhelming," said Janie Romoff, General Manager of Toronto's Parks, Forestry & Recreation department.

She says, for the most part, people have been following the rules at city pools and acting responsibily.

But if you do plan to go for a swim, don't be surprised if you have to wait.

"I should say that there have been some lineups outside of some of our more popular outdoor pools," Romoff says.

She adds the city is doing its best to keep its website updated with information on your options.

Overall, Toronto's Mayor is pleased with the way people are following the rules around COVID-19.

"Whether it's masks, face coverings, whether it's social distancing...I think people are really getting it," John Tory said.

He noted that things were better over the weekend, though not perfect, in terms of people following COVID-19 guidelines.