Wasaga Beach Mayor urging premier to act on unsanctioned rallies


The mayor of Wasaga Beach is calling on the province to implement further penalties and fines for street-racers.

In a letter addressed to Premier Doug Ford, Mayor Nina Bifolchi discusses the car rally that took place last weekend, and the impact it had on the community and its police officers.

"The event disrupted people's enjoyment of their property and put people's safety (at) risk. This is not acceptable and it must stop," Bifolchi wrote. "The arrogant and selfish behavior shown over the weekend is costing all Ontarians financially due to the resources required to deal with these impromptu community invasions."

Bifolchi pointed out that not every visitor over the weekend was inconsiderate, and she has heard from "true" car enthusiasts who do not want to be lumped in with this group.

"Our Provincial Government must take the lead in increasing penalties and fines," Bifolchi wrote. "Every municipality should be reviewing their by-laws to ensure that measures are in place to allow the OPP to act on their behalf when event such as these unauthorized car rallies take over a community or parking lot."

Bifolchi is specifically asking for the province to impose significantly higher fines for not adhering to licence plates being on the front and back of vehicles, loud or unnecessary noise or improper exhaust, and prohibited nitrous oxide fuel systems.

She is also asking for the increased time a vehicle can be impounded for, street racers or law breakers from other provinces or countries being banned from Ontario for a period, and automatic licence suspensions for a lengthy period of time for those endangering the public by street racing, performing stunts, or any other activity that may cause injury to a bystander.