WATCH: Dedicated bike lane patrol team to hit Toronto's streets

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The Toronto parking enforcement officer on a mission to keep drivers out of bike lanes is getting reinforcements.

Starting next Monday, 2 of his colleagues will join officer Kyle Ashley on a dedicated unit that will ticket vehicles that block bike lanes.

The 3 officers will be on the job from 10:30am until 6:30pm, Monday to Friday.

The news comes as authorities wrap up a week-long downtown rush-hour parking blitz.

Ashley's work was thrust into the spotlight several months ago, when he started documenting via social media the sometimes frustrating scenarios that cyclists encounter when they come across bike lanes that are blocked off by vehicles.

Ashley would share photos of the offending vehicles and call out the companies they belong to.

The officer tells NEWSTALK 1010 that he's thrilled by the response that his social media story-telling has garnered, and adds that bike lane behaviour has already started to change.

Ashley says commuters who drive are starting to get the message, and enterprises like Canada Post and Beck Taxi have committed to have their drivers abide by all of Toronto's bike lane bylaws.

However, Ashley says, some of the biggest offenders are companies that operate large fleets -- ones that move people, parcels, or both.

He makes specific mention of Uber, a ride-for-hire giant that Ashley insists has the technology to discourage its drivers from loitering in bike lanes.

The fine for illegally stopping in a bike lane is $150.