WATCH: Diversity, culture, architecture take spotlight in new Toronto Tourism ad

Happy birthday, Toronto!

Our city turns 183 years old today and to celebrate Tourism Toronto is out with a new ad campaign showing off, exactly, how cool and sexy the city is.

The world is being told that all are welcome to come eat, dance, play and fall in love with "Canada's downtown."

"I think a lot of what we've seen over the last number of years is an elevation of our civic swagger and that's important. We've seen it in things like the We The North campaign, Drake, the Weeknd, other artists coming out of Toronto; we've seen it in sports teams; we've even seen it with the Toronto sign," says Tourism Toronto's executive vice president, Andrew Weir.

The ad campaign is being rolled out in five major U.S. cities - Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Washington.

A new tourism ad being rolled out boasts about Toronto's "swagger"? Are you happy to hear Toronto has "swagger".

"We've seen tremendous growth over the last five or seven years from the fly markets in the U.S. People are often surprised that 70 per cent of the Americans that come to Toronto fly here," Weir explains. "There's a real desire for Canada and a real desire for what Toronto has to offer which are these amazing views, amazing experiences around the city. Also, a unique perspective so you get that progressive, inclusive feel. That really resonates with people.

Toronto has enjoyed seven consecutive years of growth in visitors coming from the United States. Roughly 2.5 million make the city a destination annually.

The ad campaign was paid for by the Greater Toronto Hotel Association. Tourism Toronto wouldn't disclose how much it cost.