WATCH: Doug Ford calls dark comedy based on his brother, "disgusting"


Doug Ford isn't mincing words. 

He calls the makers of a movie, loosely based on his late brother, "scumbags."

The dark comedy, Filth City, is set to debut on the closing night of Canadian Film Fest on March 25th.

It doesn't name former mayor Rob Ford directly but is said to be inspired by true events. The film is about the mayor of the fictional city of York, named Tom Hogg, who is caught on video smoking crack cocaine during a re-election campaign.

Doug Ford voiced his displeasure with the film on NEWSTALK 1010's The Rush. "I think it's pretty disgusting," Ford said. "It's not even any representation of what Rob did for the city."

He says this comes at a particularly difficult time for the Ford family. March 22nd will mark one year since Rob Ford's death.