WATCH: Liberal candidate apologizes for comments about Trudeau in blackface

A Toronto Liberal candidate is apologizing for saying people in the black community told her their love for Justin Trudeau grew because he wore blackface.

Judy Sgro, an MP since 1999 seeking re-election in the riding of Humber River-Black Creek, says what she said was insensitive and she should have known better.

Sgro made the comments in a Sept. 28 interview with GBKM FM radio, which Toronto-based writer Andray Domise posted to Twitter Wednesday.

Sgro said some people in the black community saw Trudeau as wanting to pose as someone with dark skin, and that the media had blown it out of proportion.

Last month, Time magazine published a photo of Trudeau, the Liberal leader, in dark makeup at an ``Arabian Nights'' party at the Vancouver private school where he taught in 2001 and two more instances of Trudeau wearing blackface have since emerged.

Trudeau has apologized for wearing brown- and blackface, which he says he now understands to be racist