WATCH: More parents claim their teens were bullied at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary


Hundreds turned out at a vigil Wednesday night to remember a young teen who's life was taken too soon.

They held candles and posters and wore t-shirts calling for the bullying to end.

Some said they too had been bullied at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary in Hamilton, the place where 14-year-old Devan Selvey was stabbed to death on Monday.

Devan's mother has said she tried to get help for her son but that the school didn't do enough.

Now, we are learning of others who say bullying is a big problem at the school.

One young man, who spoke to CTV News, is so afraid of retribution that he didn't want his face or voice revealed.

He's convinced that Selvey's death could have easily been him. He says he was bullied by the same teens now facing first-degree murder charges.

"I couldn't stop replaying situations in my head," He says. "What if I went there this time, and then these guys hurt me and then this kid’s still alive?"

Like Devan's mother, this boy's mom says nothing was done to stop the bulling.

"It seems that no one cares for my son at that school. He was contemplating suicide at one point."

She showed CTV pictures of her son's back, red with welts. He ended up changing schools.

Provided by the family to CTV News Toronto

The boy spoke to CTV reporter Nick Dixon who joined Moore in the Morning.


Another mother tells the Hamilton Spectator that she too, pulled her son and daughter from the school because of bullying.

Samantha Heinbecker says a group of girls would shove them into lockers, punch them and in one instance, she claims a girl threatened to slice her daughter's throat.

She says she reported it to the school but nothing seemed to change.