WATCH: People yell for man trapped in burning building to jump


We are getting a clearer picture of exactly what unfolded as an apartment building in North York went up in flames.

The people who live there, told NEWSTALK 1010 over the weekend that they saw a man trapped on an eighth floor balcony.

Now, there is video that shows flames shooting out of the apartment as people on the ground yell for the man to jump

The video was obtained by CTV News.

We know that someone died in the fire. Their body was found on an eighth floor balcony after the fire was out.

Meanwhile, the residents of 235 Gosford have no idea when they'll be able to go home.

Some were escorted in to grab a few essentials over the weekend, after having to rush out with absolutely nothing.

It means hundreds of people are waking up this morning, once again, in unfamiliar beds.

An emergency shelter was moved yesterday to the Tait McKenzie athletic centre at York University.

Officials say they'll be there for at least the next two weeks.

The building housed about 700 people.