WATCH: Pickup driver driving on sidewalk, nearly hits woman

The driver of a pickup nearly hits a woman and child, after driving on the sidewalk

For the second time this week, there's been a vehicle caught on video, driving in a sidewalk in Toronto.

The first happened Tuesday, near Queen and Ossington, where the driver of an Audi, jumped the curb, and nearly stuck a woman who was standing on the sidewalk.

The driver appeared to be frustrated about being delayed by a garbage truck.

Police have told NEWSTALK 1010, that they have launched an investigation surrounding that incident.

Now, the CBC is out with a video, showing a new incident that happened on Tuesday morning near Warden and Danforth.

The driver of a Ford pick-up appeared to be frustrated with waiting 12-seconds, for a vehicle in front of them to turn left.

At that point, the video shows the driver of a the truck pulling into the bike lane, and then onto the sidewalk, where a woman was walking with her 4-year-old son.

Thankfully, there were no injuries, but that doesn't mean there won't be charges.

Police tell NEWSTALK 1010, that just the act, could mean the driver could face charges like potentially careless driving, or dangerous driving, under the criminal code.

So far, no charges have been laid in either case.