WATCH: Police charge two people for impaired driving, in the same car

The dashcam video from a police stop in Vaughan

It's a story that's almost too hard to believe.

Two people, from the same vehicle, have been charged with impaired driving in Vaughan.

Officers were called to the scene of a single vehicle crash, around 7 o'clock on Wednesday morning.

What they found was two people standing around the wreck, beer cans thrown behind the vehicle, and a story that sounds crazy.

The driver of the car tells the officer that the woman who was riding in the passenger seat, slid over and actually took over driving the car, from his lap.

The problem was, she too had apparently been drinking.

Police both failed their breath tests, with officers saying they were "well in excess of the legal limit."

A 31-year-old man from Markham and a 26-year-old woman from Newmarket are both facing a list of charges including Impaired operatoion and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.