WATCH: Things get heated as protestors show up on the Mayor's doorstep


Hundreds of demonstrators showed up outside Mayor John Tory's condo Monday night.

They were calling for halt to tenant evictions in the city. They're opposed to a new provincial which they claim would allow landlords to more easily evict tenants post-pandemic.

They marched across Bloor from Avenue Road, arriving at Tory's home, near Bloor and Bedford Road at around 7 p.m.

Some reportedly tried entering the building through the main door and one person reportedly tried scaling the side of the building before being brought back down.

That's when things got heated. 

Constable Alex Li told NEWSTALK 1010 Monday night, "what I can tell you is that the crowd that was there, was very hostile and aggressive towards the officers for the causes that they were there for." 

CP24 crime reporter Steve Ryan spoke to one of the protestors, who claimed they were only trying to get a letter to the mayor before things escalated.

"(Tory) wasn't showing his face through the glass window, so we were going to show him we're united, together, we're powerful and that's when the whole altercation came about."

The crowds dispersed by about 7:30 p.m.

Toronto Police denied reports that some demonstrators were arrested and later released. They also denied social media reports suggesting teargas was used.


With files from Tiffany Hendsbee