WATCH: Thunder Bay police investigating video that shows officer hitting a patient

Thunder Bay Police

THUNDER BAY - A northern Ontario police force is investigating a video that appears to show an officer hitting a person strapped to a stretcher.

Thunder Bay police spokesman Chris Adams says the force is aware of the video and is investigating.

He declined to provide further details about the investigation.

The video that is circulating on Facebook appears to show a Thunder Bay police officer and a paramedic standing over a person strapped to a stretcher.

The officer and paramedic appear to be holding down the person's arms that broke free.

In the video, the officer can be heard yelling, ``That's enough!'' before appearing to hit the person in the face.

WARNING: The video below contains explicit language and may be disturbing to some viewers

The woman who posted the video on Facebook says it was a young person who called the ambulance for a different individual who required help. 

According to the woman, the person who is allegedly hit in the video - a young girl - was being transported to hospital because "of how highly intoxicated she was."

The girl "was clearly in distress with the seatbelt retrains [sic] and didn't want to be in them," the woman wrote, adding that she wasn't being arrested and therefore, wasn't resisting.

Thunder Bay Police have not commented on any of these allegations. 

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